Poetry Club: About us

Come and share your passion for literature and discuss your favourite books with other avid readers right here at Poetry Club! Our group is established by the professors of the university to encourage students to enjoy literature. Moreover, Writer’s Read gives the students an avenue to build further knowledge about literature by inviting the writers themselves to discuss their works with the student body. 

We believe that reading is an act best done with other people. Sharing your thoughts about what you’ve read with other students who have the same interest will help you to further understand what you’re reading. Moreover, having the authors around to explain the meaning behind their works gives students a deeper idea about what they’re reading. 

Not only that but Writer’s Read also gives the authors an idea of what the readers are thinking as they approach their works. It allows them to peek into the mind of their audience which helps them further enhance their skills. Learn more about us and what we do here at Poetry Club program!

Literature explained from the source 

Writers Read is part of Poetry Club Creative Writing program and is supported by the Department of English, with funding from the Faculty of Arts and Science. The tradition of literary readings at Poetry Club predates the existence of the university itself, as such events were held well before Sir George Williams and Loyola merged in 1974. 

If you want to know more about the founding of our program, please check out SpokenWeb for audio of those events. The current series, Poetry Club, invites renowned and emerging authors, both Canadian and international, to read from and discuss their work with students and local audiences. In addition to readings, the series includes Master Classes and professional development activities, some open to the public and others only for Concordia students.

The program has been led by none other than professor Sina Queyras since 2011. Their curatorial vision for the program is based on creating alternative, safe literary spaces for students and the community at large. 

Here at our Writer’s Read program, we try to curate a range of events from challenging to celebratory and aim for unexpected pairings such as singer Tanya Tagaq, experimental poet Christian Bok and Dutch sound poet Jaap Blonk to help expand the students’ knowledge of literature and all of its field. We also aim to celebrate the accomplishment of established writers such as Gail Scott, Nicole Brossard, Brenda Hillman, and Robert Hass. 

The authors that we work with focus on collaboration and bridge-building. Over the years they have collaborated with Concordia’s School of Canadian Irish Studies, the Atwater Poetry Project, the Université de Montreal’s Department of English, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, AmpLab, and The Centre for Expanded Poetics.