Top 5 poetry collections by women poets

There are women poets whose works deserve more attention all around the world. If you love poetry, you’re in for a treat. Read on to discover wonderful poetry collections written by women. Every poetry lover and aspiring poet should read each poetry collection listed here. Familiarize yourself with both prose poetry and lyrical poetry. Indulge … Read more

Young adult classics that will turn you into a bookworm

Make reading your new hobby by starting with the young adult genre. This will ease you into the world of literature because the story and its characters are often relatable. Without further ado, here are the young adult classics you can try: Percy Jackson and the Olympians If you are a big fan of Greek … Read more

Poetry Club: Why reading is good for you

Here in Poetry Club at Concordia University, we encourage students to pick up the hobby of reading. We believe that reading books regularly has its fair share of benefits that adds to the enjoyment of it.  To help you understand better, here are some of the benefits that come with reading: It’s a natural stress … Read more

Poetry Club: Different kinds of readers

While all readers and bibliophiles are known to love reading books, they are all different in their own way. From bookworms who try to stay on top of the recent bestsellers to those who are loyal to a small group of authors, each one has their own preferences, habits, and peculiarities. Here at Writer’s Read: … Read more

Poetry Club: Why become an author

Everyone has their own dream. From being a doctor to a singer, there are many motivational aspects in pursuing your own dreams. Among them, there are people who want to become an author and put out their work for the world to see.  If you dream of becoming an author, you probably want to have … Read more