Creative Writing at Concordia

Poetry Club: Creative writing at Concordia

Want to become an amazing writer? Let us help you achieve your dreams in our Poetry Club program! Concordia University established Writer’s Read so students can further improve their skills in writing and reading. Moreover, our program aims to establish an interest in literature for the younger generation. 

We believe that literature is an important part of everyone’s life. It is more than just a way to pass time. For us, literature is a way of life. It allows people to share their thoughts with the world in the most creative way possible. For this reason, we want to make our program free for the public and the student body of Concordia University. All of our readings are free and open to everyone who might take an interest in literature, however, our Master Classes are reserved for the students enrolled in our Creative Writing program at the university. 

Training a new generation of writers

Concordia University has been offering creative writing courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels for over 25 years. Our talented and experienced professors have inspired countless students to pursue a career in writing and have helped them establish the skills to be amazing writers. Due to this, we became known as the training ground for the next generation of Canadian authors. 

We don’t breed writers that will follow our way of writing. Instead, we allow our students to express their individual styles in literature while also helping them organize their thoughts and give them points on the best ways to get their message across to the readers. 

We believe that there is an amazing writer in everyone who deserves to have their stories told to the world. For this reason, we are eager to help our students make the most out of their ideas and talents.

A community bonded by passion 

Here at Poetry Club, we have established a community of writers and readers who bond on their passion for literature. Each member of our program contributes to the group by sharing their unique talent and knowledge in different literary works. 

The success of our program is largely due to the unique community of practising writers wherein the students become active members. Each of the members encourages their peers to write by giving them constructive criticism of their works and helping them further improve their skills. 

Our Writer’s Read program includes a permanent faculty of poets, playwrights, and fiction writers with a national and international reputation. We make sure to select only the most dedicated and highly qualified staff in our university to impart their knowledge to students in our program readings, master classes, panels, and professional development sessions. 

Each of the distinguished authors that we invite to our classes helps the students by sharing tips in writing, their journey as authors, and how they can start their career. Moreover, as professionals who have been working in the field of literature, they are esteemed individuals who have extensive knowledge about writing thereby making sure that the students can trust their opinions on their works. 

Writer’s Read: Goals and the future of our program

The focus of our literary program is on the interchange between reading and writing. Literature courses form a significant portion of our curriculum at Poetry Club. Our introductory creative writing courses emphasize reading published works from different genres with a view to technical development.  

The program has evolved over the years, adding new areas of specialization and expanding the others that are already established. For this reason, we now offer advanced courses in scriptwriting, literary editing, and publishing. Additionally, we also have courses in writing poetry, fiction, and drama in our program that students can enrol in. 

Aside from our usual courses in writing and literature, we also offer specialized subjects and forms that deal with creative nonfiction writing, cross-genre writing, long poem, prose poem, and composing novels and novellas. 

Essential lesson that you will learn in creative writing classes

Most people think that true creativity isn’t taught and there is no purpose in enrolling in creative writing classes. However, that is far from the truth. We believe that everyone has the ability to be creative and you only need a few lessons and the right people to bring it out of you. 

Be the most creative writer that you can be right here at Poetry Club program and enjoy the benefits of our workshops. Hone your skills in writing and hope you can express your ideas in the most concise and creative way possible through the help of critically acclaimed writers both internationally and nationally. With that said, here’s a sneak peek of what you can get from our program: 

  1. Discover yourself and your path as a writer

Our creative writing classes allow students to discover their love for literature and writing. By attending our classes, you can discover who you are as a writer and what are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of writing. 

  1. Find out about your strengths

The best thing about creative writing classes is that it exposes your strengths as well as weaknesses. We understand that every writer fears having their weakness discovered, however, we see it as a step in understanding what you lack and improving on it. Moreover, the countless writing activities and the feedback from credited authors and professors will help you know about your strengths as a writer. 

Knowing what you are capable of as a writer as well as discovering your strengths will help you focus on the genres of literature that you want to devote yourself to throughout your career. 

  1. Learn to handle criticism

Every writer begins at a point where they don’t know everything. Even the professionals who have been writing all their life still have much to learn when it comes to literature. Before you enrol in the classes, you should accept the fact that your works and skills will be criticised. 

Learn to take the criticisms as lessons that will help you improve. All of the professors in our creative writing classes know how they can help you become the best writer you can be. Criticisms might be tough to swallow at first but once you see how all the suggestions make your writing better, you will learn to love and accept them. 

  1. Help others improve 

Creative writing classes are all about helping each other achieve their best in writing. You and your peers will know how to criticise each other’s works and give points that will make it better. 

  1. Meet people that share your passion 

The best thing about creative writing classes is developing relationships with other people who share the same interest as you. You can help each other improve your work, or simply talk about the things that made you love writing. Moreover, knowing people who share your passion helps you further develop your skills in writing since there are individuals with whom you can talk and share ideas with. 

  1. Improve your writing

The main goal of everyone who0p enrols in creative writing classes is to improve their skills and writing. Through our talented professors who have extensive knowledge of literature and the art of writing, we can help you express your ideas more concisely without losing the touch of creativity in your works. 

Students who are enrolled in creative writing classes tend to put more effort into their works since they will be criticised by their peers and professors. This allows them to create a better writing habit. 

  1. Adopt new writing techniques

By reading the works of your peers and learning from acclaimed writers, you can explore new styles in writing and experiment with your compositions. Learning from various writers and individuals who have a different approach to writing helps you to acquire new skills and techniques that you can use to improve your works. 

  1. Get a mentor

Concordia University invites famous writers both locally and internationally to teach students how they can improve their writing. Having access to these individuals who have a world of experience in writing is priceless and you should take advantage of it and learn from them as much as you can.  

  1. Gain experience

It is impossible to improve your skills in writing without building your experiences. It’s not enough to just keep writing like how you usually do. You should always strive to improve after every piece that you write and the experience you have with other students and your professors will help you with this.

  1.  Practice your skills

There are a lot of writing activities in creative writing classes that will help you practice and improve your skills. Since it is a requirement, you will be more inspired to do it instead of being idle with your writing ideas.