Off The Page Spring 2018


JoinOff The Page for an exiting program of panels and readings: Off The Page 2018 schedule

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Friday, March 16th: An Evening with Renee Gladman & Danielle Dutton


Saturday, March 17th: An Evening of Poetry with Karen Solie, Stephanie Bolster, and Tess Liem

Writer’s Read Concordia University: Off The Page 2018

We encourage everyone who is passionate about literature to join us in our literary festival this 2018 entitled Off The Page. If you want to know more about the events and classes scheduled for this festival, take a look at the information below: 

Off The Page: Schedule of events 

Off The Page is the title of our annual literary festival. This year, we are focusing on going ‘off’ the page and exploring the process of writing instead of discussing literary works. We have famous authors from both local and international origins to guide the students into writing and help them discover their style in composition. Check out the list below and see which authors are assigned for the three-day festival: 

Thursday, March 15 

  • Marathon Reading: Renee Gladman “The Ravickans”  

For the first day of our event, we invited Renee Gladman to read and discuss his work entitled ‘The Ravickans’. Renee’s book is told from the perspective of a visitor who is taking a look around the fictional city of Ravicka. 

For this session, Renee will discuss the meaning of her work and what inspired her to create such a piece. She will cover all of the aspects needed for authors who want to create their own fictional world through novels and fiction.

The class will take place in LB 646, Library Building from 2 pm to 4 pm. All of the literature students who will attend the session will receive extra credits for their work and participation. 

  • Lemon Hound: 3.0 launch 

For this session, we have our director Atty. Sina Queyras to discuss her book entitled Lemon Hound. Lemon Hound is an award-winning book that snatched the Pat Lowther Award as well as a Lambda Literary Award in 2007 for the creative compilation of poems. Every poem compiled in this work is focused on action, thought, and the flux of speech of those who have long been silenced. 

Moreover, it focuses on the not so stilled lives of women as they fight for their right to speak and go on equal grounds with men. 

Friday, March 16 

  • Adaptations, translations, and reimagined texts 

1 PM to 3 PM at the LB 646, Library Building. For this session, you will get the chance to explore different works that have been translated and reimagined. Through this session, you will see how literature changes throughout time and explore the things that affect said changes.

Saturday, March 17 

  • Poetry Reading: Karen Solie, Stephanie Bolster, and Tess Liem

For the last day of our literary festival, we have famous authors: Karen Solie, Stephanie Bolster, and Tess Liem to discuss their works and read their most popular poems to the students. They will discuss and give tips on how to write good poetry. Moreover, there will be a workshop setup to help the students test their skills in writing poems.