Writer’s Read: Concordia University: Why become an author

Everyone has their own dream. From being a doctor to a singer, there are many motivational aspects in pursuing your own dreams. Among them, there are people who want to become an author and put out their work for the world to see. 

If you dream of becoming an author, you probably want to have your work published and eventually recognized. While it can be a challenging path to take, achieving your dream is a fulfilling task in life. That is why you should persevere to reach your goal. To motivate you further, here are some reasons why you should chase your writing dream: 

  1. You get to express yourself and earn from it. 

Writers put emotion on the words they write before sending them out for the world to see. You get this satisfaction of knowing your passion provided for you is an incredible feeling.

  1. Quench your thirst for knowledge

Most writers have a natural thirst for knowledge and constantly ask, ‘Why?’ Due to this, authors delve into research especially for the material they are writing about. 

As an author, you can learn and experience different kinds of new things, have in-depth knowledge in a certain topic, and even learn the most obscure things. After all, it takes a curious mind to create a compelling story and attract readers. 

  1. You will not be stuck in a office cubicle

Most people dread the monotony of office work, just sitting in your cubicle from 9 to 5 every day and slaving the whole time there. As a writer, you do not have to limit yourself in an office.

Being an author allows you to work remotely. You have the freedom to work at home or coffee shops, and even extreme places such as at a mountain top with a great view. Moreover, this provides you with the opportunity to explore more of what life has to offer as you can go wherever you please. This, in turn, enriches your perspective of the world so you can write more engaging works.

  1. Pride

When you see your work in print, you can’t help but feel extremely proud of yourself. There is a great sense of pride in seeing your work out in the world for the people to see. It also gives you the feeling of fulfilment as you find yourself doing what you love the most.

  1. Experience new things

Art imitates life. Therefore, your experiences in life will be valuable in writing. Make sure to be prepared to embrace your inquisitiveness and go out of your comfort zone. You will have the opportunity to meet all kinds of people and experience new things in your writing career.