Young adult classics that will turn you into a bookworm

Make reading your new hobby by starting with the young adult genre. This will ease you into the world of literature because the story and its characters are often relatable. Without further ado, here are the young adult classics you can try:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

If you are a big fan of Greek mythology, then you should read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. This gives you a modern twist on prehistoric times which makes you appreciate the Greek lore on another level. Furthermore, reading this series is relatable because it shows you the struggles of teens through the eyes of Percy. Aside from that, the characters’ development hooks you deeper into the story.

Harry Potter series

The Harry Potter series is considered to be a cult classic due to its magical and fantasy themes. In the story, Harry is under his relatives’ care since his parents have passed away. Unfortunately, they do not treat him well, though he, later on, finds a place where he belongs. 

The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is his escape from all of the mistreatment he experiences. Furthermore, you get to see the growth of Harry and his friends throughout the series. As you progress, the theme of the series gets darker due to the grave problems they all encounter.

Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia is a story about two friends Jesse and Leslie. This book greatly represents friendship, escapism and death, making it a great book to read for young readers who are coming of age. In addition, the best part of the story is how the two protagonists reveal the details of Terabithia. How the author wrote that part makes you feel as if you are seeing it unfold in person. All in all, you should read this book, especially if you want to have a cathartic experience.

The Fault in Our Stars

Fall in love with the story of two young adults who are diagnosed with cancer. Hazel and Gus lament how much they struggle with their sickness, yet their bonding makes them appreciate life even more. Reading this book lets you see love from another perspective. Also, it lets you experience the pain of losing someone important to you. 

The Hunger Games series

The Hunger Games is a three-part series that shows you the inequality between social classes. The rich and the poor are separated, and the latter needs to fend for themselves by entering a brutal tournament. Whoever emerges victorious reaps the rewards in the form of sustenance for their district. Follow how Katniss Everdeen stood up not only for herself but for everyone who is done with the Capitol. 

Once you finish these books, you can join literature talks where you can share your insights about the books you have read. In fact, you can visit the Writer’s Read, which is a reading community in Concordia University. Feel free to ask around for book recommendations and other materials you might like.